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Boat in Bermuda'Boats' can mean many things; from the single seater kayak that will get you, and only you, to a deserted beach to the party boat for your wedding for 200 people. Some will serve you wine and beer only, others will have a full liquor license and be able to serve 'hard stuff' as well.

Usually the bigger the party the more in advance you need to book your (bigger) charter boat.

Bermuda Island Cruisesemail(441) 292-8652
Bermuda J/24 Class Associationemail
Bermuda Windsail Chartersemail(441) 334-8547
Blue Water Safariemail(441) 236-5599
Coral Seaemail(441) 335-2425
Glass Bottom Boat Cruisesemail(441) 236-9894
Jessie James Cruisesemail(441) 236-4804
Kayak Bermudaemail(441) 737-7378
Rising Sonemail(441) 335-9522
Royal Bermuda Yacht Clubemail(441) 295-2214
Sail Bermuda Yacht Chartersemail(441) 737-2993
Salt Kettle Chartersemail(441) 236-4863
Spellbound Chartersemail(441) 295-1240