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Sailing a Yacht to BermudaArriving in Bermuda on a yacht, after an open ocean passage is simply - beautiful. Bermuda Harbour Radio will welcome you about half a day before you even see the island. No matter how the conditions were on your trip, dropping the hook in St. George's Harbour is always a relieve.

Bermuda has a longstanding boating tradition. The Bermuda sloop's swiftness and maneuverability made it the ideal vessel for privateering. "During times of war, privateering offered an alternative way to employ Bermuda's fast vessels, wonderfully endowed to outrun larger but less weatherly foes and prey upon unarmed or lightly armed merchantmen."

In today's times you will more likely be sailing in one of the famous Bermuda races, or cruising between the North-East and the Caribbean. Here are some sailing links, where you might find a berth on a yacht, sailing to or from Bermuda. If you are looking for crew, make a post in Bermuda's Forum!

Bermuda Harbour Radioemail(441) 297-1010
Bermuda Sloop Foundation
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Marion to Bermuda Race
Newport Bermuda Race
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