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Map of Bermuda, drawn by Admiral SomersThe Map of Bermuda to the left, was drawn by Admiral Somers in 1906. On the lower left, you can see a self portrait, sitting on a turtle, signifying his 'being stranded on the island'.

Bermuda is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, 580 nautical miles east of North Carolina. It's more than 1000 miles north of the Caribbean, where most people mistakenly assume it to be. It comprises 150 small islands, which collectively total just 21 sq miles. The eight largest islands are connected by causeways and bridges to form a continuous fishhook-shaped land mass that stretches 22 miles in length and averages less than a mile across. Bermudians tend to treat these eight islands, which comprise 95% of the country's land mass, as a single geographic entity and commonly refer to it as simply 'the island.' Only about a dozen of the other islands are inhabited.

All the islands are volcanic in origin, the emerged tips of a volcanic mountain mass that rose from the sea floor several million years ago. They are surrounded by fringing coral reefs and have hilly interiors, though the highest peak is a mere 259 feet high.

Bermuda is divided politically into 9 parishes. The City of Hamilton, the Town of St. George and Dockyard have their own page on