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Earl of WarwickWarwick Parish (map) on Main Island was named after Robert Rich, second Earl of Warwick (1587-1658) - to the left: It was quite fashionable to have your 'marine' portrait painted by the Dutch, after Henry, Prince of Wales, in 1610 commissioned Van Dyck to paint him in a marine setting.

Rich became a member of the Bermuda Company in 1614 and was on the Council of the New England Company in 1620. The earl sent privateers to the East Indies. In 1628 he sailed with other privateers to interrupt Spanish trade with the west (hence the good relations with the Dutch, since they helped).

Early settlers called Warwick Heron Bay. Back then the parish used to be a significant port and - surprise - large flocks of herons congregated. The name 'Heron Bay' survives only in Southampton Parish, where a school and a shopping area carry the name.

Warwick Parish is famous for its spectacular South Shore beaches. It is the most densely populated of Bermuda's parishes. The ferry will take you to the City of Hamilton fast, so you have the best of both worlds - scenic beaches and city life!

Trivia: Bermudian (on his mother's side) Michael Douglas owns a home in Warwick Parish. - Let's see how many restaurants are in Warwick!