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3rd Earl of PembrokePembroke Parish (map) is centrally located on Main Island. The capital of Bermuda, the City of Hamilton with Hamilton Harbor lies within Pembroke Parish.

It was named after Bermuda's Elizabethan patron, English aristocrat William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (1580-1630). Pembroke was the nephew of Sir Philip Sydney and richest peer in England.
To the left a picture of a bronze statue of Earl Pembroke in front of the Bodleian Library in Oxford. He was Chancellor of the University from 1617 until his death in 1630.
He was the patron of artists like John Dunne, Inigo Jones and Ben Jonson. Dramatist William Shakespeare knew him well and dedicated his first folio printing of his collected works to Pembroke and his brother Philip. He was made a Knight of the Garter by King James. He joined the Council of the Virginia Company in 1609 and the Bermuda Company in 1615.   As one of its illustrious band of gentlemen "Adventurers" he was the largest shareholder in the original Pembroke Tribe, later Pembroke Parish.

Restaurants in Pembroke Parish outside the City of Hamilton.