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Wine in BermudaThe variety of wines in Bermudian 'Wine and Spirits' stores is better than in most local liquor stores in the US.

Bermuda levies a 30% tax on imports. The good news is, if you are 'in transit' (e.g. on a cruise ship or a yacht) and you plan to take those spirits with you, rather than consummate them in Bermuda , you may purchase those wines duty-free!

Bermuda Wines&Spirits(441) 295-1919
Bristol Cellar 238-2200
Buds Wines&Sprits(441) 234-1740
Burrows Lightbourn 295-0176
Carousel Liquors(441) 292-2559
Court Street Liquors(441) 295-7457
Dismont Robinson&Co.(441) 292-4301
Frith's Liquors(441) 295-3544
Gosling Bros. 295-1123
Queen Street Liquors(441) 295-1147
St. George's Liquors(441) 297-0409