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Groceries in BermudaWhether you want a cozy evening at 'home', get provisions for a picnic or try to make some traditional Bermuda recepies, sooner or later you'll need groceries.

If grocery shopping is not your thing during vacation, have your steaks, vegetables and breakfast cereal delivered to you! Most hosts will be glad to make arrangements for you in advance.
Unless, of course, you are staying in one of those fancy hotels - in which case you will not have to concern yourself with such trivial matters at all!

Here is a list of supermarkets, grocery stores and specialty markets in Bermuda. Most of them have a wine and liquor section as well.

Harrington Hundreds293-1635
Hayward Supermart232-3995map
Hunt's Food Ltd.email236-6343map
Lindo's Family Foodsemail236-1344map
Lindo's Marketemail236-5623map
Miles Market295-1234map
Somers Supermart297-1177map
The Market Place292-3163
The Supermartemail292-2064
White and Sons Ltd238-1050map