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Cuban CigarsOne of the most satisfying experiences for the cigar lover from the US will be the readily available Cuban Cigar!

Whether you want to enjoy your Montecristo in Bermuda, or whether you are going to ship several cases of Sancho Panzas home - the choice (and the potential risk) is yours.

Here is a list of tobacconists that will sell you a wide variety of Cuban Cigars, from Bolivars and Cohibas to Vegueros and Quinteros! Some of the stores look as if they've been around since Columbus discovered Taíno Indians smoking the leaves of a plant called cohiba in 1492 ...

Cassia Tobacco Company(441) 292-6821
Chatham House(441) 292-8422
Churchill's(441) 297-1650
Cuarenta Bucaneros 295-4523
Pitt & Company Limited(441) 292-6000
The Matchbox(441) 292-3000