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Boat in Bermuda'Boats' can mean many things; from the single seater kayak that will get you, and only you, to a deserted beach to the party boat for your wedding for 200 people. Some will serve you wine and beer only, others will have a full liquor license and be able to serve 'hard stuff' as well.

Sailing a boat to or from Bermuda is also a possibility :)

Usually the bigger the party the more in advance you need to book your (bigger) charter boat.

Ana Lunaemail(441) 292-5988
Bermuda Barefoot Cruisesemail(441) 234-7609
Bermuda Island Cruisesemail(441) 292-8652
Bermuda J/24 Class Associationemail
Bermuda Windsail Chartersemail(441) 334-8547
Blue Water Safariemail(441) 236-5599
Coral Seaemail(441) 335-2425
Glass Bottom Boat Cruisesemail(441) 236-9894
Jessie James Cruisesemail(441) 236-4804
Kayak Bermudaemail(441) 737-7378
Rising Sonemail(441) 335-9522
Royal Bermuda Yacht Clubemail(441) 295-2214
Sail Bermuda Yacht Chartersemail(441) 737-2993
Spellbound Chartersemail(441) 295-1240