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Golf in Bermuda Bermuda has 9 golf courses (3 government-owned) plus a large golf academy/driving range; golf in Bermuda is truly a pastime of choice. There are over 20 annual tournaments: invitational, celebrity, open, junior, senior, and more! There's something for every golfer; you may enter some tournaments and even find some entry forms online or just play - mostly in the government run courses.

Non-members at most private clubs in Bermuda will require an introduction from a member. If you belong to a private club elsewhere you might check whether your club has reciprocity with a Bermuda club. Otherwise, Ocean View, Port Royal and St. George's are excellent courses owned by the Bermuda Government and are open to visitors.

Golfing in Bermuda is about twice as expensive as it is in the USA. A dozen medium grade balls, for example, runs around $70. Consider bringing most of your equipment!

Browse through the websites in this complete list of Bermuda golf clubs, golf courses and golf associations for information about the par, designer, history and amenities of each of the courses listed here.

Belmont Hills18 holesemail(441) 236-6400
Bermuda Golf Associationemail(441) 238-1367
Fairmont Golf Course18 holes(441) 239-6952
Mid Ocean Clubemail(441) 293-0330
Ocean View Golf Course9 holesemail(441) 295-9092
Port Royal Golf Course18 holesemail(441) 234-0974
Riddell's Bay Golf Club18 holesemail(441) 238-1060
St. George's Golf Club9 holesemail(441) 297-8067