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Vacation Rental in BermudaHere is a complete list of Bermuda's Vacation Rentals and Apartments. You will find a wide variety of accommodations in this category: From a simple efficiency apartment (here we call it 'housekeeping apartment') to self-contained quarters in lovely traditional private homes to townhomes. Use our listings below to find out more, and see exactly where in Bermuda each Vacation Rental and Apartment is located by clicking on the 'map' link by each listing. Then use our 'Accommodation-Inquiry-Form', which will send an email with your specific questions to owners and managers of the properties below with just one mouse click :)

Astwood Cove Apt. Resortemail(441) 236-0984map
Barngrove Guest Apartmentsemailmap
Blue Horizons(441) 236-6350map
Burch's Guest Apartments(441) 295-1091map
Cabana Vacation Apartments(441) 236-6964map
Clairfont Apartmentsemail(441) 238-0149map
Crooked Elbowemail(441) 297-0898map
Dawkins Manoremail(441) 236-7419map
Dower Houseemailmap
Drybrowemail(441) 234-0954map
Freshwinds Apartmentemail(441) 292-5988map
Garden House(441) 234-1435map
Glenmar Holiday Apartments(441) 236-2844map
Grandiosa Casitaemail(441) 236-9219map
Keppoch Summersideemail(441) 292-5988map
Longtail Cliffs(800) 637-4116map
Ocean Soundemail(441) 293-6360map
OceanWinds Villaemail(441) 232-2352map
Outbackemail(441) 238-0652map
Paraquet Guest Apartments(441) 236-5842map
Rosemont Guest Apartmentsemail(800) 367-0040map
Sandpiper Apartmentsemail(866) 811-9330map
Tarrafal Apartmentsemail(441) 293-2525
Taylor Houseemail(441) 297-1161 map
Valley Cottages & Apartmentsemail(441) 236-0628map
Vienna Guest Apartmentsemail(441) 236-3300map
Windsong Guest Apartmentsemail(441) 295-7221
Vienna Apartment