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Bermuda HotelHere is a complete list of the Bermuda hotels, resorts and places that will pamper you to your heart's desire. As mentioned before, this comes at a price. You will spend a minimum of $250 per night. Sometimes all inclusive packages can offer a better deal.
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Ariel Sands(441) 236-1010map
Cambridge Beaches(441) 234-0331map
Coco Reef Resortemail(441) 236-5416map
Coral Beach Clubemail(441) 236-2233map
Elbow Beach Hotelemail(441) 236-3535map
Fairmont Princess Resortemail(441) 238-8000map
Grotto Bay Beach Resortemail(800) 582-3190map
Hamilton Princess Hotelemail(441) 295-3000map
Harmony Clubemail(888) 427-6664map
Mid Ocean Clubemail(441) 293-0330
Pink Beach Clubemail(441) 293-1666map
Pompano Beach Clubemail(800) 343-4155map
Rosedon Hotel(441) 295-1640map
Royal Palms Hotelemail(441) 292-1854map
St. George's Clubemail(441) 297-1200map
Surf Side Beach Clubemail(800) 553-9990map
The Newstead Hotel email(800) 468-4111map
The Reefsemail(441) 238-0222map
Tucker's Pointemail(441) 298-6915map
Waterloo Houseemail(441) 295-4480map
Wharf Executive Suites Hotelemail(441) 232-5700map
Willowbankemail(800) 752-8493
Wyndham Bermudamap